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Storage Wars is an American reality tv series on the A&E Network that premiered in 2010. The show options auctioneers Dan Dotson and Laura Dotson, similarly as auction hunters Dave Hester, Darrell Sheets, Barry Weiss, and the team of Jarrod schulz and Brandi Passante.

When rent isn’t paid on a storage locker for 3 months in California, the contents area unit sold by an auctioneer as a single lot of things. The show follows skilled consumers who purchase the contents primarily based only on a five-minute examination of what they will see from the door once it’s opened. The goal is to show a profit on the merchandise.

Season one in all Storage Wars consisted of nineteen episodes, seventeen of that were recorded at various self-storage facilities throughout Southern California. 2 special episodes were recorded on location at a try of Storage One facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show has enjoyed rating success, and its second season premiere attracted 5.1 million total viewers, creating it the most-watched program in A&E’s history to that point.

A byproduct of Storage Wars titled Storage Wars: TX created its debut on A&E on Dec 6, 2011. The series features a new cast of bidders and an auctioneer. A second spin-off set in new york is in the works.

Storage Wars will be seen internationally similarly, as AETN International has sold the series to many channels in North American country, Australia, the UK, Sweden, European nation, and Norway.

About Storage Wars  Next season

Storage Wars is back for an additional season of heated auction battles and nice finds! This season, we’ve got the pleasure of hospitable Emily Wears, a 27-year-old auctioneer from solon, Iowa. Emily has over 10 years of auctions under her belt and is making an attempt to grow her business by branching out to the geographical region. She turns heads together with her unique and right away makes waves by dispensing with the same old ‘Going once! Going twice!’ and marketing the locker at her own pace. Rene (who was making an attempt to jump in at the last moment) gets not noted and misses the sale. Throughout the rest of her 9 appearances, Emily gives us a taste of what this auction world sounds like through the eyes of an outsider.

On the shopping for finish, we bring back the regulars: Dave Hester returns, stirring things up from the start; Darrell Sheets shows off his recent weight loss and brings along an eager (if unprepared) pupil; while Brandi Passante and Jarrod schulz, having sold their store, are forced to approach the business from a special angle. Rene Nezhoda hits the bottom running, nailing a huge vintage computer game locker and showing that he’s still a serious player. ivy Calhoun keeps grinding, shopping for locker after locker, operating economies of scale to his advantage. mary Padian is as feisty as ever, holding her own against the competition. rounding out the bidders this season is old fan favorite Kenny Crossley, who created his introduction alongside Barry Weiss back in season two. This time, Kenny brings his unique humorous twist as a bidder in his claim, catching the others off guard and putting on a show for the audience. simply put: Kenny is magic!