Brandi Passante Biography | Hot Facts, Family Life of Reality TV ‘Storage Wars’

Brandi Passante hot

Brandi Passante is an american skilled auctioneer and reality television star, who has been a part of the reality show ‘Storage Wars’. check out this biography to know regarding his childhood, family life, Net Worth achievements and fun facts about her.

Nick Name: Brandi
Famous As: Reality TV Star Storage wars
Nationality: American
Birth Date: May 16, 1980
Age: 37 years
Sun Sign: Libra
Born In: Harris County, Texas, USA
Spouse/Partner: Jarrod Schulz
Children: Camren Schulz, Payton Schulz
Net Worth: $1.5 Million As Of Sep 5, 2016

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'Brandi Passante Hot' Measurements & lawsuit controversy :

In 2011, Hunter Tyler Moore, the creator of revenge pornography website IsAnyoneUp, began advertising that he had naked photos and videos of Brandi and would be circulating them.
Brandi was unaware of the videos existence, till she began receiving what she described as creepy messages on twitter like “Can’t wait to see more”  As soon as she saw the video, she issued a statement through her lawyer claiming that it had been not her within the photos or videos, and that they had been doctored. She was even able to produce the original photos that they'd cut her face from.

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As a results of the false photos circulating, she developed high levels of anxiety and have become physically sick.
She sued Moore for defamation, invasion of privacy and client fraud, and sought $2.5 million in damages.
While the judge found in her favour, in large part due to Hunter not putting up any kind of a fight, the only damages she was awarded was her legals fees and a further $750. The judge stated although what Moore had done was illegal , Brandi had failed to give proof to justify the $2.5 million request.

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